Cross Screen

Cross Screen XS is a mechanical step type screen that separates solids (screenings, rubbish) from water.

Step type fine screens have unique capabilities:

-A 2-6mm Cross Screen can replace a 10-30mm coarse screen in an existing open channel while maintaining the same low headloss, without any need for pre screening.

-Cross Screen XS is totally self cleaning without flushing or brushes. This gives unrivaled capacity, resulting greater value.

- Unique sealed low friction bottom step without plastic spacers gives the highest separation of any step screen on the market, making it an excellent replacement for perforated screens.

- Self cleaning discharge without plastic spacers.

- Robust construction with thick bars.

- Big steps along the whole bar length ensures high conveying capacity even for big objects.

- Linkage transmission = no limitations in min or max water level.

- Solid cross beams provide high mechanical strength and rigidity, allowing for screen widths > 3m.

- Flexible mounting angle up to 60 degrees for compact installation in short channels.

- Innovative support legs simplify installation and enable the screen to be easily rotated out of the channel for service.

- Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.

Discharge height 800-7000mm
Width 200-4000mm
Slot width 0.5-6mm
Capacity 10-6000 L/s