Grinder RK shreds & grinds solids in water, sludge & waste.

Grinder RK combines the advantages from comminutors and industrial waste shredders by treating both wet and dry materials in closed pipe applications as well as open channels.

Counter rotating blades ensure that all passing material is grinded.

Twin shafted wet waste grinders have been well proven in over 40 years with tens of thousands of references.

The concept is a evolution from comminutors and dry waste shredders adapted for the demands of today.

- Robust stainless steel construction.

- Can be used for both wet and dry applications.

- Can be flange pipe mounted as well as open in channels or chutes.

- Can be combined with compactors and screens to increase each machine’s efficiency.

- High material capacity.

- Easy changeable drive unit, shaft extension, submersible motor, hydraulic motor.

Height 300-1500mm
Width 300-600mm
Flow capacity 30-300l/s