Wash Press

Wash Press TP is a screw press for washing, compaction and conveying of screenings and wet waste.

Wash Press TP forces the material into a pipe system or against a back force device like the Shredder MT which provides heavy mechanical agitation for enhanced washing, compaction and dewatering.

The screw flights also provide a pulsating treatment of smaller potions which also increases washing, dewatering, & compaction.

- Robust double trough construction gives high torque resistance and maximum dewatering capability.

- The double trough allows for long inlet lengths, eliminating the need for additional conveyors.

- The double trough enables optimum perforation area of the inner trough for high dewatering and good drainage.

- Robust steel lined screw and thick wear bars gives wear resistance and handles high compaction forces.

- Separate thrust bearing and flexible coupling compensates for screw angle variations and absorbs press forces, protecting the gearbox.

- Compact design with selectable drive unit gives flexibility.

- Enclosed, safe & hygienic.

Height 300-700mm
Diameter 150-400mm
Inlet length 500-3000mm
Dryness 40-60%
Capacity 0.5-7m3/h