Shredder MT is an accessory for Wash Press TP.

Shredder MT adapts the operation conditions for the wash press for continuously optimal wash press retention time. This allows for maximum washing and compaction due to heavy mechanical agitation. No need for impeller tank pre washing.

Shredder MT can be installed vertical, horizontal or angled, at the end or the beginning of a pipe system.

- Pushing drive gives high capacity and reliable clog free operation.

- Mounted at the end of the pipe system or at the beginning gives more flexibility.

- Shredding gives good self ventilation which improves working environment.

- Eliminates need for pre wash tank systems.

- Enables emergency emptying in extreme conditions.

- Enclosed, safe & hygienic.

Diameter 150-500mm
Length 0.5-30m
Dryness 40-60%